Tintoretto in Venice

For an exceptional setting, that is: Palazzo Ducale, Venice, from September 2018 to January 2019, will host the most famous works of the painter: Tintoretto, but the exhibition will also interest the G allerie of the Academy: most of his paintings , will include the whole artistic process of the painter , in honor of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Tintoretto (one of the most important artistic figures of all time and Italian extraction, for more ) . It will start with the works of its beginnings, to get to the beginnings of the last creative phase.

A “reimagined” city for a fairytale artist

To celebrate Jacopo Tintoretto, the city of Venice Civic Museums of the same, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, the Gallerie dell’Accademia, the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, the Patriarchal Curia of Venice, the Ministry of Heritage and Activities cultural and tourism and the Superintendency for Artistic and Historical Heritage of Venice, will create, ad hoc for Tintoretto, a creative and magnificent space, able to cover the place of a real celebration in Italian style to remember one of the greatest exponents of the 16th century culture and painting. The presentation took place at the end of 2017 at Ca ‘Farsetti, under the watchful eye of the mayor, Luigi Brugnaro , of the president and director of the Civic Museums Foundation of Venice, Mariacristina Gribaudi and Gabriella Belli, of the curator Frederick Ilchman , of the exhibition manager National Gallery of Art Washington Dodge Thompson, of the director of the Gallerie dell’Accademia di Venezia Paola Marini, of the Guardian Grando of the Scuola Grande of San Rocco FrancoPosocco , and of the Superintendent of Fine Arts and Landscape for Venice and Lagoon, Emanuela Carpani .

Meanwhile, it can be said that, there will be two places affected by the works of the great painter. To begin with, the beginning of his “artistic phase” will be hosted by the Gallerie dell’Accademia, and the final part, from Palazzo Ducale, always intense and fantastic as a background. In February, the same exhibition will be held by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, also holding a special role, as it will represent the first time Tintoretto in North America. ” We are proud to realize an exhibition with extraordinary works together with the people who love Venice and with the collaboration of multiple institutions – declared the first citizen. This project is the sign that the city has changed pace. The exhibition will in fact be realized with the resources we have already saved, thanks to an economic soundness obtained with a careful efficiency . The idea of ​​collaborating with the National Gallery is a matter of particular pride. In addition to telling Tintoretto in America, this exhibition will show what Italy is “.

“Venice – added Gribaudi – continues, through its works of art, to speak to the world and to create continuous relationships because we are convinced that art is a great instrument of peace”. The exhibition, therefore, has the intent to present with due care and attention, a magnificent Venetian painter for the history of the art of Veneto and of Italy in general . In addition we must add that the (research) project was followed by numerous and famous world art historians. And some have also left interesting statements, such as that of: Belli who has supported: ” ” It was since 1937 that the city did not host a major exhibition dedicated to the painter, for this reason – said Belli – we proposed the idea to a great international museum like the National Gallery of Art in Washington, which lives on cultural promotion and has no entrance fee ” . Taking up again the “ranks” of the same exhibition of the artist at the Museo del Prado, other op erations have been added , including more than 70 paintings and a rare “nucleus” of drawings that characterize all of his creative process.

As for the exhibition at the Academy, the major works of his youth will be highlighted, called the ” funambulist experimenter “, (not to mention the classic: “Miracle of the slave”, which “will fill” our eyes) . The review of his paintings will even allow the restoration of 15 paintings that will allow us to admire the true original colors. “An occasion of extraordinary importance for conservative purposes”, underlined the Superintendent Carpani . All this will certainly not prevent us from rediscovering the more or less characteristic sides of the great painter’s art and will leave the sides of the whole artistic path uncovered, which allowed and allowed the great XVIth century to “take advantage” of his happy hand (with which embellished palaces and churches everywhere in the Veneto). Also important are the introductions of faces and “collateral” events that designed the whole 1500 (and above all Venetian). But he was also essential in architecture, history, music and textiles, because many in these fields were inspired by him. This event will also be able to: spread with its art, educational projects for children. This is what we will offer, if we want, from September, Venice to every tourist in the world.