Roberto Bolle in Bologna and Rome from February 2018

For the fourth consecutive time on 27 February 2018 the dancer ( Etoile de la Scala) will be at the EuropAuditorium Theater of Bologna with his show oram to the tested: “R. Bolle and Friens “, a gala of” excellences “of the show, which will be interpreter and artistic director at the same time. So, in Piazza Costituzione 4, from 15 to 19, at the Teatro Celebrazioni in Via Saragozza 234, from Monday to Saturday the ticket office will open, through the circuit : Vivaticket-charta , will give the opportunity to all dance fans and tersicoreuti to enjoy a fascinating and spectacular representation. But as a vehicle to participate in the event, there will also be: the listening points of the IperCoop and the circuit: Ticketone.

Bologna, in particular, has always been very attentive to the dance of the artist, and also remembers that it was the first hub of its Fan club. The name of great guests is still full of mystery and the entity of the program that will open on the Auditorium, but certainly full of as many “tall ” exponents of the art of every kind , to end up offering a “dance” evening in the company of the most prestigious names. The Platea will cost  115 , the II Platea 80 , the balcony 65 , and the II Balcony:  52 . But it did not end here, because the great international dancer, will also give tribute to the Capital , in Caracalla, in July (18) of the same year.

We also add that Caracalla is not new to the appointment with Bolle, because already in 2011 had come to the same place, a large audience and very diversified, with the intent to assist and remain “bewitched” by the skill of the  principal  dancer “of the American Ballet Theater of New York , as well as, (we remember ) The dancer of the Scala of Milan . The beauty and grace of its choreographers and the charm of its statuesque body embellish the place already full of natural beauty (which, with its magnificence will be able to involve a group of spectators varied and vast ) . This will give the ancient Baths a clear and excellent sign of originality and will give back to the place the fairytale of its “foundations” that has always and for centuries created a frame to say the least generous and beautiful for any person you linger for even 5 minutes.

The skill of Bolle, (which we could appreciate even at the beginning of the year, January 1 last year on TV) will fascinate more people, we are convinced, and will leave even to tourists in the city of Rome who will be stationed nearby in that period, a memory of the national and international dance that can “take with them” for a very long time, we are sure. The world-famous dancer, plays a big role in the world and leads many fans not only dance, but many arts that with this go to meet, especially in this show. In fact, the paraphrased: “Pavarotti and friends” (the  Roberto Bolle and friends  therefore), will trace interesting and unlikely parts to many other artists of the world that “gravitate” around the dance that will only be the cue to tell a horizon boundless in beauty, just like the one that characterizes the body and art of Bolle himself. In Rome, for Caracalla, sales began last December 17th , and range from  25 to 120, for a 15% pre-sale . Accede then who loves all or the show, and in particular Italian or!

ADR La Regina di Instagram

Anna Dello Russo normalmente ammirata sul web in abiti stupefacenti ed esclusivi, colorerà di mondanità Milano con la presentazione del suo libro “ADR Book”. L’entusiasmante esperienza, la sua carriera e il suo successo mediatico partendo da Bari Palese per approdare a Vogue Japan. Tutto accadrà il 24 Febbraio nel cuore pulsante della fashion week milanese. ADR darà vita ad un asta benefica. 30 abiti esclusivi e 150 abiti iconici con cena di gala e gran festa, vip, celebrità e stilisti famosi. Lo scopo è nobile, ambizioso. Il tutto sarà devoluto alla Swarovski Foundation Scolarship Program per il sostegno e lo sviluppo dei futuri fashion talent. Quando le hanno chiesto perché Milano? Lei sicura ha risposto “Io a Milano devo tutto”.

Idee Nuove nel Mondo del Fashion

Moncler il 20 Febbraio presenterà in Piazza VI Febbraio il suo nuovo progetto Moncler Genius Building  con un’evento “tecnologico e sorprendente” che aprirà la  prestigiosa Fashion Week milanese. Il grande successo lo deve anche al suo sapersi reinventare di continuo, restando però sempre fedele a se stesso. Ci vuole coraggio e ampie vedute per superare il miliardo di euro!

Buon Compleanno Camera della Moda

La Camera della Moda compie 60 anni e festeggerà alla grande con una mostra a Palazzo Reale che illustrerà il percorso della moda dell’ultimo trentennio. Il Presidente di Camera Moda Carlo Capasa, ha sottolineato, che se oggi il Made in Italy è una delle carte vincenti del fashion mondiale lo si deve anche al lavoro della Camera della Moda. Anche le istituzioni hanno capito quanto sia importante la moda, seconda industria del paese.

Valentine’s Day

Dr. Seuss once said:” You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams!” . The most discussed day of the year, Valentine’s day, is approaching: a celebration of romance and love in all over the world.

You can definitely feel the love in the air in Via Montenapoleone! Like many stores in this prestigious street, also Gucci showcased some love in its window: blind for love! That’s what you can find in one of their breathtaking windows in via Montenapoleone. And I can tell you… I’m totally in love with this velvet bag! This chain shoulder bag is embellished with embroidered flowers and a lovely appliqués. Moreover, it’s part of the 2018 Cruise collection.

And if you’re still looking for an amazing idea for a Valentine’s gift…this love-themed window it’s not the only one you can find in this glamorous street: come and take a look at Hogan’s window! You’ll find a wall full of shoes which say “love me”! Also Devi Kroell, a luxury handbags shop made in Italy, decorated its window with some hearts all over!

A Wonderful Car!!!

Uniqueness, elegance, glamour… all these words describe perfectly via Montenapoleone, one of the most prestigious streets in the worldwide recognized fashion capital Milan! Walking in this streets also means to encounter the unexpected: it could be a very fashionable person, a VIP or a particular car! This time I saw this amazing Mustang parked in front of Bulgari’s window! Everyone was admiring and stopping in front of this fire-red car: it doesn’t happen every day to see such a beautiful masterpiece on the streets!