The still lifes exhibited at the Uffizi in Florence come to life and are transformed into real recipes. The latest initiative of the famous museum that wants to make art known by bringing it to an even wider audience and cooking has been chosen as a communication channel. On the Facebook page of the Uffizi, the great chefs were inspired by works of art to create original recipes, and until late spring a rich menu based on Caravaggio and other great artists awaits you.


The wine city are preparing the first tourist harvest on a national scale for the summer. An initiative that aims to address an audience of enthusiasts, professionals, young people, the simple curious and wine lovers. An original idea to promote not only the culture of wine, but also hundreds of lesser-known territories but still devoted to food and wine. A special event that will take place in maximum safety. Visits by reservation, limited numbers and all measures to ensure the safety of visitors and vineyard and cellar staff.


It will be the fault of the pandemic or something else, perhaps, but it seems that all soft drinks and especially tonic water have had a particular increase in consumption close to, almost, 10%. In fact, in recent years there has also been a multiplication of companies in the sector, and this has also given the market multiple variants of drinks for consumers. But would anyone say that the most famous drinks on the planet were born as or from medicines? Hard to believe but tonic water has a quinine-based pharmaceutical twist, but not to be used in case of malaria.


There are many Italian wines famous in the world, each with its own particular characteristics. One of the best known is Brunello which has certainly served as an ambassador to its territory of origin that of Montalcino. Wine is today the best known of the products but certainly not the only one, there are many others, such as honey worked by the same winemakers, but not only, spelled, plums, truffles, saffron in fact a land in the wind of the sea and the pure and wild air of the territory. But despite all these peculiarities, it is still said that in 1935, during a poetry contest in a wine shop, a guest brandishing a glass of red shouted “Brunello is petrol”, what can I say?


Our menu has long since expanded considerably, especially since meat substitutes have entered the world market. In the last decade there has been a boom in vegan food that seems to be increasing the turnover in an eponential way. The latest news in the sector is the vegan fast food where you can enjoy chickpea burgers, meat substitutes, in this case based on soy fibers or vegetable fish. There is also a growing offer of places offering this type of menu for the experimenters of this new futuristic food.


They are called waste but grape pomace contains an elixir of beauty and health, thanks to their polyphenols with antitumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-infective and antimicrobial properties. Here is a project that has decided to enhance the so-called “waste”, using nanotechnologies to extract bio-active ingredients and to make food supplements and cosmetic products. It is called Bestmedgrape and is a project that is the result of research on the whole Mediterranean, which starts from Cagliari and involves France, Tunisia, Lebanon and Jordan.10


The new year began with several changes in daily habits including that of consuming foods produced with natural techniques and methods, which has now become much more than a trend. This is also confirmed by the Michelin Guide, which introduced the recognition of the “Green Star”, an award for those restaurants engaged as sustainable businesses, with a careful choice of raw materials, with the purchase of local products. By now all of us have approached the stove with culinary experiments, finding a new dimension of home entertainment, thus also increasing consumption at zero kilometer.


The online lessons of the “Barolo & Barbaresco Academy” are restarting with an initiative aimed at trainers, brand managers, journalists and buyers, the aim of which is to create a global network of Langhe ambassadors. The first online level is an intensive course structured in five video lessons, available in Italian and English. The modules take up all the themes of the Academy in person, through a didactic proposal of in-depth study of history, geology, elements of viticulture and oenology. A full immersion with high-level teachers, selected from the most authoritative personalities of the wine scene, awaits all enthusiasts, and not only.


In the space of a year, the use of digital media for purchases has also grown exponentially for the food sector. There are many offers on the market including Amazon which already in 2015 had created a showcase dedicated to Made in Italy and this for the whole world. Customers will be able to choose, for example, Italian products made by local artisans and companies differentiated by area. Emilia-Romagna stands out in sales, becoming the eighth new regional section of this great showcase, which offers more than a million Italian products in all European stores.


In the midst of a lockdown that is still hitting the restaurant world hard, a new initiative is making its way into the “Place aux Restos” in France. A project as simple as it is effective because it uses existing structures and places made available to restaurateurs, stands and stalls in the local markets to allow them to offer take-away food, in full compliance with the health protocol. Paris responded by offering more than 160 stands spread across various markets in the city. Many French municipalities have welcomed the initiative by promoting and organizing days of “open” markets for local restaurateurs. What can I say, it could also be a good idea for the restaurateurs of our country.