There are faint signs of reopening dedicated to culture and theaters, which have been closed for a year now. Unfortunately only during the period of the fashion weeek, they had returned to be warmed by the human presence thanks to interesting projects of some brands that had decided to organize their fashion shows on their sad stages. In the capital of Italian fashion models and models had revived for a moment some of the most famous Milanese theaters. We hope this situation of forced closures will not continue for much longer, we still need culture.


And again this year no Easter Monday picnic, and no fault of the ants. The rules for this day don’t allow for many possibilities. Of course, access to gardens and public parks is still allowed but only in the vicinity of one’s home, but now it is not satisfactory. If you wish to visit relatives or friends, it is possible to make one visit per day but “exclusively” within the region. Lucky those who have second homes, in this case, you can go there in any range of colors they are. I still wish you a good day.


The adaptation of the premises last year to the new health regulations where the watchword was “distancing” led to a radical change in habits and consumption. The outdoor picnic could be one of this year’s food trends in the world of catering, in fact it has appeared as a novelty on the market for some time, with positive results in the kitchen and spaces. This is how online portals specialized in the sale and promotion of picnics are born, which bring together catering facilities, wineries, farms and farmhouses for those who want to indulge in an exclusive picnic with open-air lunches and dinners. Great idea, weather permitting.


The BIT, a fundamental appointment for the Italian tourism industry in the world and for the promotion of the international offer, will be held in this new year in May. This was announced by Fiera Milano explaining that “the reference event in Italy dedicated to the universe of tourism, listened to the needs of the tourism market, which is thus able to look at new travel methods, tourist seasonality and the application of innovative technologies. The new dates will make it possible to reorganize and better plan the relaunch of the tourist activity and offer with the usual rich conference schedule, where the most important players in the sector can meet.


A strange Christmas has just passed in the concept of solitude, and maybe someone is hoping for a refreshing trip, but unfortunately even close to the New Year, the trips to be made are only with the mind. However, it seems that some spirits have found relief in the lockdown, but what will you say? In not having to attend events, attend aperitifs or participate in parties, and being able to be with oneself. A revival of introverts, hopefully temporary. Gathering for the moment is only allowed to fauna, should we perhaps learn to treasure solitude for the new year too?


In this period, I wondered what is behind the dish we order online? How much has food delivery contributed to supporting the catering sector and how has the life of restaurants changed in this long period of pandemic? And then, what alchemy will owners and chefs have invented to survive all these prohibitions? Indeed in Italy we have to thank all the food delivery that is actively contributing to the restaurant business, and to please all our palate. In such a complex phase as the one we are experiencing, now close to the Christmas holidays where we still do not know how to organize ourselves, we only hope that the future scenarios of catering, currently strongly tested, will be more rosy than those of the last year , and we hope for everyone, that they do not stop exclusively at a digitized service.  In anyway Merry Christmas!


The volume “Three Michelin Stars” saga of haute cuisine has been published with the beauty of 700 pages which tells the story of the three-starred restaurants that have appeared on the pages of the red guide from 1933 to today. There is no shortage of insights into Italian haute cuisine places that have been the absolute protagonists of the Michelin Guide. In this difficult year for everyone, due to the various restrictions, perhaps the most affected sector turns out to be precisely this, we hope that the 120th anniversary of the guide can bring good to the restaurant world at least for the year to come.


Bentley has recently celebrated its 100th anniversary by announcing that by 2030 it will only produce electric cars. The world’s largest manufacturer of 12-cylinder luxury engines renews its green commitment with the first production of hybrid models shortly. Luxury customers who are attentive to the environmental impact in their purchases will, as usual, reward brands that have always shown a commitment to innovation and sustainability. We just hope to be able to return to travel soon.


Also with Covid After the summer season, it awarded the Alps and the Dolomites as ideal destinations for an outdoor holiday, in contact with nature and in safety. The pandemic advances, and now the challenge is for this winter season. The mountain resorts are now ready to open for weeks despite the various restrictions. The ski capitals, however, do not give up, also canceling festivals and Christmas markets. The season is about to start but with a series of strict rules, even on the slopes, to be respected on spacing and masks to avoid any infections.


The Castello di Rivoli, from last month until January 2021, celebrates Giulio Paolini’s eightieth birthday with a personal exhibition homage to the long career that began in 1960. The project reinterprets 60 years of artistic production by choosing the retrospective gaze as a guiding criterion. The heart of the exhibition is the work that gives it the title “Le Chef-d’oeuvre inconnu” (2020) donated on the occasion to the Castello di Rivoli.