Waiting for the long-awaited summer and a relaxation of the restrictions, at this moment, opening the window and finding ourselves in front of a scenario of a beach, a forest or a glacier would not be bad. In the last year, the fascination of traveling in a caravan has been rediscovered, a safe solution for a holiday. With its four wheels attached to the car it also becomes an antidote to monotony. For the more distracted, today, these means of vacation are full of comforts almost five-star suites, even if the real luxury is being able to change the landscape even every day.


Looking at the sky, and many times at the stars, sometimes the best ideas arise that some would call chimeras. Leonardo da Vinci the man of chimeras was considered by some to be guilty of leaving out art to devote himself to astronomy. It seems that the same has happened nowadays to “Leonardo of the Netherlands”, this is how a Dutch architect is defined who, three years ago, after reading an article on ultraviolet rays emitted by the stars, began working on a huge sphere which emits powerful ultraviolet rays that can also kill viruses, not bad for the current global pandemic situation. Brilliant!


Selected guests at fashion shows, crowds on the Hollywood red carpet, photographers stationed outside the multiple locations, it’s now history. After the pandemic, all events in all corners of the globe have been canceled, with health restrictions to avoid contagions that scare many. All those who have lived through photographic events are unemployed, and with fashion shows now on digital platforms there is little to hope for a recovery in a short time. Camera pros, now replaced by virtual market bloggers. Photography has always been a way to tell emotions with images, today there are many influencers who work for this purpose, but with other concepts that once identified the art of “click”. From spectacular images that portrayed large expanses or details of crowded cities, we moved on to photographs now dedicated to dishes, which adorn the tables, within the four walls in which each of us has been locked up for some time. The world has changed and with it all the work activities and the way of conceiving and carrying them out.


Invented as comfortable shoes by Dr. Klaus Maertens in 1947, they were adopted by German housewives who found them very comfortable. From the fractured foot of a German soldier to those of the rock stars of the seventies, this is the path of Dr. Martens, boots that symbolize the youth counterculture. For years become the passion of punk, goths and grunge up to contemporary influencers.


The Italian luxury brands are also present on one of the platforms of Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant. In its section dedicated to luxury, 13 million euros were spent last year, in just over 2 minutes on “Single’s Day” alone. Thus the future protagonists of Italian fashion start from the East, in fact it seems that the desire for made in Italy does not only pass from the big brands, but more and more from emerging young people with their new brands.


To avoid dangerous gatherings, digital versions of shows, courses, auctions, events to follow in slippers and obviously also listening to songs enjoyed by the many platforms currently offered on the market are increasingly widespread. While enjoying a good coffee at home, already early in the Piazza Affari, the company’s shares continue to rise and fall, more and more suddenly also following the pandemic. We are now getting used to a sort of sedentary life more and more slaves of connections waiting, perhaps in the very near future, to be able to work less but always with full pay.


How to plan a food and wine offer to enhance the service and above all tie it to the Po Delta area? The young people of the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice responded enthusiastically to the challenge, launching new proposals and ideas for implementing the menus, but also creating tasting events, meetings with local producers, guided tours. Special menus have been created in collaboration with nutritionists, to offer guests an extra service without forgetting tradition. Among the various projects, in fact, there is precisely that of combining classic dining with special dinners with tastings from the Delta. A bridge between the Island of Albarella and the Po valleys that gives life to an increasingly close bond in the area. An idea for an upcoming trip out of town.


E’ ormai noto che i cybercriminali prendano di mira molteplici App, ma molto più frequentemente quelle famose. Visto il periodo non poteva mancare nella lista anche quella di Immuni. Le prime analisi hanno dimostrato che il malware contiene il codice di ‘Alien’ il successore di ‘Cerberus’. Così sfruttando il tema ‘Covid-19’ e la sua popolarità, pare si stia diffondendo anche una fake version. Dalle prime fonti si pensa che il malware possa persino svuotare i conti correnti dei malcapitati. Attenzione quindi perchè il virus, potrebbe costarvi sempre più caro.



“What to cook when you don’t know what to cook ”here is a book full of unpublished recipes created by foodbloggers. A real collaborative text that becomes the ideal ally when you want to try and experience goodness in the kitchen. An easy to consult support, with useful and simple tips to replicate and follow. The dishes in the book present a minimum degree of difficulty both for the type of explanation and for the ingredients and tools necessary for their realization. Written with efficient simplicity and all accompanied by photos of presentation of the ingredients. So now enjoy your meal.


Hunger often leads to wars. The United Nations World Food Program has been awarded the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize for its great commitment to fighting hunger and improving the conditions of peace in conflict areas. In 2015, the United Nations established the eradication of hunger in the world as one of its main goals for sustainable development and the World Food Program represents the main tool to achieve this. The Security Council also underlined the obligation of UN member states to help guarantee food assistance to those in need and condemned the use of hunger as a method of warfare.