In this long period of domestic life we ​​can still take advantage of the culture that never hurts. In fact, the Vatican Museums, the MoMa in New York, the Pinacoteca di Brera and many others allow visitors to continue to discover them in a vital way. Every day from 17:00 on the Instagram profile here is a special initiative of the Palazzo dell’Arte of the Triennale di Milano a new format that invites illustrious personalities from entertainment and culture to live in the museum spaces, telling a series of stories starting from from the inspiration of Boccaccio’s Decameron of 1348.


Since last week, seven temporary hubs are being tested for the delivery of grocery shopping for the poorest families. One hundred and fifty employees of the Municipality, operators and volunteers will be on the field to deliver food to thousands of people as long as the measures to contain Coronavirus are active. From the logistics center of Banco Alimentare della Lombardia about 1 ton of food is made available for each hub. Pasta, rice, legumes, tuna, biscuits, tomato puree, oil, salt, sugar and, in the case of families with newborns, also infant formula and homogenised milk. Among the families who receive the shopping there are also those followed by the Department of Social Policies, the Food Bank and the Listening Centers of Caritas in Milan. The operations will be performed according to a vade-mecum of conduct valid for all, present within each hub, which will indicate the safety, cleanliness, management and privacy rules. 130 masks, about 300 pairs of gloves, dispensers and bottles of sanitizing gel are already available to employees and volunteers in every space.


The new decree with further limitations entered into force on Monday. However, all primary services are guaranteed, including supermarkets. It is very important to know that there is no risk that the food will run out, let alone the basic necessities, so it is useless to run to the supermarket with anxiety and fear by making exaggerated supplies. Always maintain safety distances, shop unaccompanied, staying as short as possible inside the supermarket. All shops and supermarkets have quota access to ensure the right distance between people inside. If you prefer to stay at home, all online services are operational, obviously given the emergency, you will have longer waiting times than normal.


Warm, sumptuous and enveloping; on the palate it is structured, medium acid, soft and fruity and on the nose it is characterized by aromas of red fruit and berries, accompanied by a spicy background … all this is the very ancient Primitivo di Manduria, a wine that arrived in Puglia between 1600 and 1700, in the provinces of Taranto. The origin of its name? Among the many vines that were used to grow in the vineyards, there was one that reached maturity before the others and gave a particularly black, sweet and tasty grape that could be harvested in August. At the beginning, at that time, it was called zagarese, but then, for these reasons, it was called “primitive”. From here was born one of the most drinkable and pleasant wines, which goes perfectly with tasty meats, cooked perfectly roasted or grilled.


Lotto Sport Italia launches its new line, which represents the desire to mix authentic elements from the 90s with an extremely contemporary styling aimed at a new generation. The launch takes place through a short film, entitled The Runner, which sees the participation of international celebrities such as Vivi Marcucci, Hush and Gunther Celli, with the aim of telling the evolution of the brand through a union of fashion and sport, celebrating the contaminations, the multiculturalism and the most current urban pop trends.


E’ tempo di smart working, e con il decreto “Resto a casa”, molte professioni vengono esercitate in remoto da casa propria. Lavorare protetti dalle proprie mura domestiche però non giustifica la trascuratezza. Ricordiamoci di essere glam e presentabili principalmente per noi stessi. E Carrie Bradshaw, protagonista dell’iconica serie tv, ci ha mostrato puntata dopo puntata quanto si può essere “chic” anche lavorando affacciati alla finestra di casa. Quindi il caro, confortevole pigiama in “pile” non va indossato tutto il giorno. Si è mai vista Carrie scrivere le sue storie da casa con indosso il pigiama infeltrito? Assolutamente no. Ovviamente nessuno ci impone un dress code rigido, ma un dress code pratico e fashion assolutamente si. Allora maglioni e cardigan dai colori vivaci, per tingere il nostro umore. Magari una camicia a fantasia se abbiamo delle video conferenze. Per quanto riguarda il trucco e parrucco, ormai con i tutorial che abbiamo a disposizione e con il tempo che almeno per adesso no ci manca, possiamo imparare a fare una piega degna dei migliori hair stylist. Questo ed altro su Instagram @le_mie_seconde_chiavi.


Elena Mirò who has always been a brand very attentive to social and ethical initiatives, celebrates International Women’s Day with a capsule entitled “beautiful and good”. Garments, made by women for women, united by the common goal of enhancing the world of women, both share important values ​​that led them to create inclusive and sustainable clothes for all. It is a limited edition of t-shirts made by Progetto Quid, which mix sartorial skills, attention to detail and an important message, to demonstrate how the concept of inclusiveness can find a very concrete response and a tangible benefit.


For a week now, precautionary measures have been stepped up to combat covids19 which are surely blocking our beautiful country and also the rest of Europe. One of the sectors that is definitely undergoing these measures heavily is the restaurant sector. Waiting for better times, some starred restaurants have tried to alleviate this problem through delivery, therefore the possibility of having some proposals to choose from. How about?Basically a starry dinner, but at your house even on the weekend. It could also be an idea for this unusual Father’s Day!


Four hundred kg, 189,000 bricks and 830 hours of work: these are the numbers that gave life to the iconic Fiat 500 F Legend represented by 960 Lego pieces, in collaboration with FCA, which from Turin have represented it in full size, on the occasion of the new Lego Creator Expert Fiat 500 set. This construction, based on the Fiat 500 of the late 1960s, includes detailed interiors and a sunroof that can be opened to give the driver the opportunity to enjoy the Italian sun while sailing along the Amalfi Coast. A model equipped with everything needed to face a trip to Europe. “It is a source of great pride for us that Lego has chosen the Fiat 500,” said Cristiano Fiorio of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. “We know that the Lego group focuses solely on iconic products and we know that the Fiat 500 is: it has marked the history of the car, and has never been exclusively a car. It has an artistic and cultural value that Lego helps to consolidate “.


Io direi che in questo periodo è necessario più di ogni altra cosa sognare. E allora per iniziare immaginiamo di fare glamping in una tenda safari in uno spettacolare parco faunistico sulla costa meridionale del Kent, dando da mangiare alle giraffe a mano. Potremmo metterlo in programma alla fine di questa odissea covid19. Situata nel tranquillo paesaggio bucolico del Kent meridionale, Port Lympne Reserve è una vera fetta della savana africana sulla costa inglese. Portando il suo lussuoso alloggio con un soggiorno sotto le stelle al Giraffe Lodge. Giraffe Lodge è stato vincitore del premio Tourism Experience of the Year ai Visit England Awards. Questo posto assolutamente unico offre lussuosi campeggi in tende private da safari. Un’autentica fuga africana, con i safari guidati dai ranger specialisti della Riserva. La cena servita nel Lapa, un grande lodge in stile africano con vista, con cibo tradizionale in stile sudafricano preparato su un fuoco all’aperto. Per ora solo un bel sogno.