E’ ormai noto che i cybercriminali prendano di mira molteplici App, ma molto più frequentemente quelle famose. Visto il periodo non poteva mancare nella lista anche quella di Immuni. Le prime analisi hanno dimostrato che il malware contiene il codice di ‘Alien’ il successore di ‘Cerberus’. Così sfruttando il tema ‘Covid-19’ e la sua popolarità, pare si stia diffondendo anche una fake version. Dalle prime fonti si pensa che il malware possa persino svuotare i conti correnti dei malcapitati. Attenzione quindi perchè il virus, potrebbe costarvi sempre più caro.



“What to cook when you don’t know what to cook ”here is a book full of unpublished recipes created by foodbloggers. A real collaborative text that becomes the ideal ally when you want to try and experience goodness in the kitchen. An easy to consult support, with useful and simple tips to replicate and follow. The dishes in the book present a minimum degree of difficulty both for the type of explanation and for the ingredients and tools necessary for their realization. Written with efficient simplicity and all accompanied by photos of presentation of the ingredients. So now enjoy your meal.


Hunger often leads to wars. The United Nations World Food Program has been awarded the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize for its great commitment to fighting hunger and improving the conditions of peace in conflict areas. In 2015, the United Nations established the eradication of hunger in the world as one of its main goals for sustainable development and the World Food Program represents the main tool to achieve this. The Security Council also underlined the obligation of UN member states to help guarantee food assistance to those in need and condemned the use of hunger as a method of warfare.


Così, in questo particolare momento dove è vietato anche solo pensare al bianco manto per una “sciatina”, quasi a fare dispetto a tutti gli amanti degli sport invernali, ieri, come previsto dai meteorologi la città di Milano si è svegliata sotto la neve. Una fitta nevicata che nella notte ha imbiancato tetti e strade.  Molti i genitori e bambini che hanno vissuto i parchi della città per fare a palle di neve in un contesto quasi surreale . 20 centimetri di neve che però hanno anche provocato diversi disagi nella città. Ma tutto già oggi è passato. In ricordo della giornata restano sicuramente i molti selfie in piazza Duomo davanti alla cattedrale coperta dalla coltre bianca.


From spring with flowering trees to winter with snow-capped mountains ready to welcome lovers of snow sports, Valtellina is a territory that can amaze its tourists in every season of the year. This is one of the most magical seasons where the landscape is colored with a thousand shades of red and orange and it is the best time to discover its spa with the first cold. The Bagni Vecchi with the natural Turkish bath and the infinity pool and the Bagni Nuovi with the mud room and the panoramic chalets for the sauna for an exclusive wellness experience. So first stop Bormio!


A very popular and unknown world at the same time: that of mineral waters. Did you know that there are real “water charts”, even in restaurants, to understand which mineral water is best suited not only to your palate or even to the chosen dish. To think that there are also “idrosommeliers” who can help and guide in tasting. Italians are the largest consumers of mineral water in the world but, despite this, education in tasting is not yet widespread.


At a time when the health emergency requires social distancing for common security, in Florence the managers of some clubs have thought of finding the ideal solution, making a symbolic leap back in time and reopening the so-called “wine holes” with their original function. Born during the period of the plague, they were used to serve customers without coming into contact with them. An architectural expedient adopted in the seventeenth century by the Grand Duchy of Tuscany to implement a sort of remote trade. Through the window, the customer could withdraw the wine while remaining outside. So here they are, small windows on the walls of the oldest city buildings, positioned at street level, which are now being rediscovered at a time when Covid-19 has literally upset the rules of sociability, the economy and everyday life.


Lately there are many food intolerances and one of the many is lactose, a sugar naturally contained in milk and all its derivatives. The highest concentrations of lactose are found in milk, yogurt and fermented milks, ice creams, soft cheeses, cream and butter. However, it is also contained in many industrial products and baked goods in which milk is used. Even if it is traumatic, the first thing to do afterwards in the event of a positive test result is to give up pizza, buffalo mozzarella and cappuccino overnight, which is very hard but necessary. Eliminating all foods that are potentially harmful to the body is the first step to regain well-being.


In the summer when the desire to finally enjoy a drink as it should be in the open air could clash with the distrust of traditional crowds at the counter, the coolest cocktails include canned cocktails. Among the latest ready-made Gin Tonic proposals in can signed by Bombay Sapphire, Jack & Coca and the can version of mojito one of the cocktails that symbolize summer.


The need to choose the right products to protect your skin is back, together with the desire to be exposed to the sun, accentuated by the months spent inside the home. The latest innovations launched by the cosmetic industry have two common denominators: the use of the latest generation technologies to prevent the harmful effects of skin exposure to the sun, but also sustainability. Environmental protection is becoming a priority in the purchasing choices of international consumers. The green orientation of the cosmetic companies is also seen in the packaging, designed to have a reduced environmental impact, limiting the use of plastic and increasing that of biodegradable materials.