Lotto Sport Italia launches its new line, which represents the desire to mix authentic elements from the 90s with an extremely contemporary styling aimed at a new generation. The launch takes place through a short film, entitled The Runner, which sees the participation of international celebrities such as Vivi Marcucci, Hush and Gunther Celli, with the aim of telling the evolution of the brand through a union of fashion and sport, celebrating the contaminations, the multiculturalism and the most current urban pop trends.


Elena Mirò who has always been a brand very attentive to social and ethical initiatives, celebrates International Women’s Day with a capsule entitled “beautiful and good”. Garments, made by women for women, united by the common goal of enhancing the world of women, both share important values ​​that led them to create inclusive and sustainable clothes for all. It is a limited edition of t-shirts made by Progetto Quid, which mix sartorial skills, attention to detail and an important message, to demonstrate how the concept of inclusiveness can find a very concrete response and a tangible benefit.


Four hundred kg, 189,000 bricks and 830 hours of work: these are the numbers that gave life to the iconic Fiat 500 F Legend represented by 960 Lego pieces, in collaboration with FCA, which from Turin have represented it in full size, on the occasion of the new Lego Creator Expert Fiat 500 set. This construction, based on the Fiat 500 of the late 1960s, includes detailed interiors and a sunroof that can be opened to give the driver the opportunity to enjoy the Italian sun while sailing along the Amalfi Coast. A model equipped with everything needed to face a trip to Europe. “It is a source of great pride for us that Lego has chosen the Fiat 500,” said Cristiano Fiorio of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. “We know that the Lego group focuses solely on iconic products and we know that the Fiat 500 is: it has marked the history of the car, and has never been exclusively a car. It has an artistic and cultural value that Lego helps to consolidate “.


The debut of actress and pop star Jennifer Lopez in fashion is scheduled for spring. Jennifer has created a collection of shoes and bags which she has already spoiled on social networks, showing the first pair of shoes made. The brand will be called JLO Jennifer Lopez and it will be really extravagant, just like her and the Camuto Group that has agreed to collaborate with her. It will be a very varied collection, stiletto heels, leopard shoes, boots and sneakers.


Walter Chiapponi with a respectable pedigree that goes from Armani to Prada to Bottega Veneta – at the helm of Tod’s and T Factory, the creative laboratory wanted by Diego Della Valle to create thought and action around the brand. It is an intelligent debut, not at all screamed and well placed. Not a disruption, to use the hateful neologism, but an evolution that focusing on ideas of good taste and classicism affirms a precise identity, Italian in tone and execution, but not at all cramped. “I wanted to bring some sensuality to the Tod’s world, which in the past I found quite cold” explains Chiapponi, who, never blatant, obtains the effect with subtlety: discovering a little skin with short skirts; giving the coats a pleasant hand. Create a wardrobe of indispensable pieces, and invite to play with it. It does not make fashion with a capital M, and the choice of a refined but not rinuciatario undertone rewards it. The message is clear: far from trends.


Versace, who is usually one of the most extravagant, this time presented a shared collection, both for him and for her. The tones always remain on black, white and there is a reference to a red houndstooth, while the silhouettes are oriented more on tailored cuts but at the same time on the last remaining streetwear. A collection that puts men and women on equal terms, to make it clear that the differences are made characteristically and not with an outfit.


Oversized jackets and coats, neutral and pastel colors for the insiders who have animated the last Fashion Week years. The reference to the past lies in the detail, from the shoe to the shapes of the end of the millennium. Attention is paid to accessories that, if chosen well, always give a strong character to the best looks. Easy to get lost in a wrong look, between courageous aspirants and daring combinations, the possibility of falling at the mercy of disproportionate outerwear and “candy effect” is really around the corner. Sometimes you just have to dare a little less to get a refined but super cool look.


Everyone knows the cat Choupette, that of the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, but now everyone will love it. They created a game that allows you to step into the shoes of your beloved cat, making your way through the iconic Maison Lagerfeld in Paris. The task is to find the indispensable seasonal garments within the new collection and avoid the neighborhood dogs. All trying to get the highest score, to then collect special items such as bags, sunglasses and the lucky number seven of the Kaiser.


Now finding high quality leather goods, like the one our grandparents used, is really a puzzle. However, this does not happen for Anna Virgili, who since 1988 has offered her customers top quality leather goods. It was born as a small family-run boutique in San Benedetto del Tronto, but despite its size also on the market, it had an unconditional love for its customers by giving them an accurate attention to small details and impeccable service. 4To date Virgili is an important brand in the world, but which remains attached to its roots and which still tries to offer the same things of that time, an excellent made in Italy product.


Achille Lauro is the revelation, in his consecration, of this Sanremo 2020 Festival. A success that is also due to the collaboration with Gucci. A project brought to the Ariston stage that has turned into a different journey every evening. The look of the first red carpet was in fact a red carpet “non-look”, in perfect style I don’t care, title of the song by the Roman singer, competing at the Festival. Then the iconic flesh-colored cape and onesie from the early evening. Go viral in seconds. And for the evening of the duets, Achille Lauro turned into David Bowie in his version of Ziggy Stardust. Then came the turn of the Divine Marchesa Casati Stampa, eccentric and lover of luxury. For the final evening, Lauro went down the stairs interpreting Elizabeth I Tudor, virgin bride of the country, of the people, of art and defender of freedom. Only an extravagant and nonconformist like Gucci could accept a collaboration like this, it is certain that his looks did not go unnoticed