In the summer when the desire to finally enjoy a drink as it should be in the open air could clash with the distrust of traditional crowds at the counter, the coolest cocktails include canned cocktails. Among the latest ready-made Gin Tonic proposals in can signed by Bombay Sapphire, Jack & Coca and the can version of mojito one of the cocktails that symbolize summer.


The need to choose the right products to protect your skin is back, together with the desire to be exposed to the sun, accentuated by the months spent inside the home. The latest innovations launched by the cosmetic industry have two common denominators: the use of the latest generation technologies to prevent the harmful effects of skin exposure to the sun, but also sustainability. Environmental protection is becoming a priority in the purchasing choices of international consumers. The green orientation of the cosmetic companies is also seen in the packaging, designed to have a reduced environmental impact, limiting the use of plastic and increasing that of biodegradable materials.


When you pass through Caorle, a “ritual” not to be missed is the end of the fishing day, when the fishing boats return after the night of fishing to go and sell the fish directly to the market through an ancient and local custom: the auction by ear, a typical silent auction Caorlotta. Fishing in these places has always played a fundamental role, which has designed customs, customs and even architecture, as evidenced by the casoni, the ancient fishermen’s houses in the lagoon, which can still be visited today. Already in the first century before Christ the port of Caorle played an important commercial role. For some years now the “heart” of fishing life, harbor and market, have returned together in the ancient heart of the town, enhancing its role and the rites that accompany it.


The first time it was presented to the public was at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1970. Fifty years later, the Beetle continues to be not only an iconic model in the collective imagination, but also a much loved car. Today it is a prey for collectors, who focus mainly on special editions such as the Big characterized by beige, green or light blue metallic paint and velvet seats with headrests and wooden finishes on the dashboard.


A new week begins but the emergence of the coronavirus has upset our habits. It is possible, however, in the restart phase, to pamper yourself and relax, even by staying at home, setting up a small Spa. Waiting to return to attend the real wellness centers without fear. Small gestures that can make the difference, easy to prepare, even by yourself: lowering the lights and lighting some candles, filling the tub with water and adding a few drops of essential oils. Even the scrub can be done in “do it yourself” mode, with baking soda or olive oil and coarse salt.


Smartwoking is an experience that has changed the lives of families and businesses, the boom in online shopping has created new opportunities for producers and distribution and has created a new custom in consumers. The use of online tutorials has spread a new lifestyle in the acquisition of information for the management of the relationship with the good life and also the new way of studying online was another of the great discoveries that will certainly remain in the future . Analyzing the situation, with the excuse of the pandemic, we are entering the unpleasant world of the 1984 novel by Orwell, where the control managed by a few, will make us live with a technology that will follow us everywhere, entering deeply into our privacy, and unfortunately, even in the our fears.


Here we are finally at the post lockdown that should begin to experience the physical rapprochement between people. But during the quarantine with “love” was experienced. In this regard, Fondazione Prada launches the “Love Stories. Obviously, the story polls are the center of the project.
The goal? Experience a new territory of sharing ideas, visions and impressions about love. Instagram users will be invited, story after story, to choose between two possible options, to stand in favor of one of the two proposed statements. A ‘light’ game only in appearance, which wants to force the “instantaneous” nature of Instagram by transforming it into a virtual place of social investigation.


Who wants to create their own green corner on the balcony? Well good idea, it could be a moment of distraction in this monotonous period. First, identify the type of plants by choosing from the many nurseries that today deliver online. Have fun with color combinations and flavors. Focusing on this is a panacea for the mind that, today more than ever, needs relaxing activities and beauty. The balconies at the moment are the only point of contact with the outside world, they are the places where you can feel less “trapped”.


The days spent at home contribute to increasing attention to detail, especially when it comes to furnishings. Spending time within your own four walls makes the “mise en place” cult blossom or revive. Those looking for inspiration can undoubtedly find them on Instagram. Dior, for example, has just launched the official @diormaison account, with photos of the collections and the archive. “Living in something that does not reflect who you are is like wearing someone else’s clothes” said Monsieur Dior.


With the Covid19 emergency, we spend our days at home, doing little movement and often arriving in the evening with back pain, neck pain or neck pain. If working at home drastically reduces any form of physical activity, not all is lost: here too, in fact, we can practice some simple but extremely healthy exercises for our body. How to do? Very simple, today you will find many tips on physical activity on all social networks, now you just have to find the desire!