Here we are finally at the post lockdown that should begin to experience the physical rapprochement between people. But during the quarantine with “love” was experienced. In this regard, Fondazione Prada launches the “Love Stories. Obviously, the story polls are the center of the project.
The goal? Experience a new territory of sharing ideas, visions and impressions about love. Instagram users will be invited, story after story, to choose between two possible options, to stand in favor of one of the two proposed statements. A ‘light’ game only in appearance, which wants to force the “instantaneous” nature of Instagram by transforming it into a virtual place of social investigation.


Who wants to create their own green corner on the balcony? Well good idea, it could be a moment of distraction in this monotonous period. First, identify the type of plants by choosing from the many nurseries that today deliver online. Have fun with color combinations and flavors. Focusing on this is a panacea for the mind that, today more than ever, needs relaxing activities and beauty. The balconies at the moment are the only point of contact with the outside world, they are the places where you can feel less “trapped”.


The days spent at home contribute to increasing attention to detail, especially when it comes to furnishings. Spending time within your own four walls makes the “mise en place” cult blossom or revive. Those looking for inspiration can undoubtedly find them on Instagram. Dior, for example, has just launched the official @diormaison account, with photos of the collections and the archive. “Living in something that does not reflect who you are is like wearing someone else’s clothes” said Monsieur Dior.


With the Covid19 emergency, we spend our days at home, doing little movement and often arriving in the evening with back pain, neck pain or neck pain. If working at home drastically reduces any form of physical activity, not all is lost: here too, in fact, we can practice some simple but extremely healthy exercises for our body. How to do? Very simple, today you will find many tips on physical activity on all social networks, now you just have to find the desire!


“Failure at the gates, we need the State.” Fashion is facing the forced closure of shops and production activities due to the Covid19 emergency and is shouting an alarm. Italian entrepreneurs and traders are ready for change by trying to imagine the future in the face of a situation that is beyond control. It is necessary to rely on the tools that technology offers e-commerce for example, the State should make available subsidized loans and tax bonuses for digital investments. This would allow companies to recover the ground they are losing today in the future. “


From January 2021, smoking will be prohibited in the city of Milan at the bus stop, in parks, in sports centers in cemeteries, in gardens. The city aims to be totally smoking free, and smoking will therefore be prohibited in any open space. One of the top five causes of pollution that they say, in addition to hurting those who smoke them, affect the quality of the air. It seems that from next year barbecues and fireworks will also be banned and fireplaces and pellet stoves will also be targeted. Having a cleaner air needs changes!


For spring summer 2020, the fashion trend of the little black dress is back. The idea of ​​creating a black dress is by Coco Chanel: the intent was to radically change the idea of ​​femininity in favor of a more dynamic image. By contrast, today the black sheath dress is considered a fashion classic, a reassuring garment that has been interpreted by international stylists. Unforgettable the revenge dress of Lady D. The 2020 fashion makes the “Little Black Dress” a sexy and bold dress.


Lotto Sport Italia launches its new line, which represents the desire to mix authentic elements from the 90s with an extremely contemporary styling aimed at a new generation. The launch takes place through a short film, entitled The Runner, which sees the participation of international celebrities such as Vivi Marcucci, Hush and Gunther Celli, with the aim of telling the evolution of the brand through a union of fashion and sport, celebrating the contaminations, the multiculturalism and the most current urban pop trends.


Elena Mirò who has always been a brand very attentive to social and ethical initiatives, celebrates International Women’s Day with a capsule entitled “beautiful and good”. Garments, made by women for women, united by the common goal of enhancing the world of women, both share important values ​​that led them to create inclusive and sustainable clothes for all. It is a limited edition of t-shirts made by Progetto Quid, which mix sartorial skills, attention to detail and an important message, to demonstrate how the concept of inclusiveness can find a very concrete response and a tangible benefit.


Four hundred kg, 189,000 bricks and 830 hours of work: these are the numbers that gave life to the iconic Fiat 500 F Legend represented by 960 Lego pieces, in collaboration with FCA, which from Turin have represented it in full size, on the occasion of the new Lego Creator Expert Fiat 500 set. This construction, based on the Fiat 500 of the late 1960s, includes detailed interiors and a sunroof that can be opened to give the driver the opportunity to enjoy the Italian sun while sailing along the Amalfi Coast. A model equipped with everything needed to face a trip to Europe. “It is a source of great pride for us that Lego has chosen the Fiat 500,” said Cristiano Fiorio of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. “We know that the Lego group focuses solely on iconic products and we know that the Fiat 500 is: it has marked the history of the car, and has never been exclusively a car. It has an artistic and cultural value that Lego helps to consolidate “.