It is the perfect season to enjoy an ice cream: by the sea, in the mountains, in the city. Even at home. In its multiplicity of flavors, ice cream that not only represents one of the excellence of Made in Italy, but sees the first consumers in the world in Italians. During the lockdown, however, ice cream reinvented itself as a pleasure to be enjoyed even at home, recording positive results precisely in delivery. From the start of the lockdown to today, Deliveroo has recorded an increase in the number of orders of around 58%, an increase that rises to over 100% when compared with the same period of last year.


Transit places but far from being the “non-places” of Marc Augé, Italian railway stations are recognized all over the world. Starting from Milan Central Station, with its fascist-style building contaminated with contemporary elements, thanks to a renovation dating back to 2000, in Bologna Centrale known for the attack which marks the 40th anniversary of August 2nd. In the middle, the most modern and avant-garde railway stations such as Reggio Emilia Av Mediopadana and Naples Afragola, born at the time of high speed and signed by archistar. Also worth mentioning are the “historical” ones such as the Central Station of Palermo, designed at the end of the nineteenth century.


The Masterpiece art and antiques fair – a London event not to be missed by fans and professionals – this year was held entirely online. First among the fairs in its sector that, following the example of art and design, could follow its example. A sector that is increasingly opening up to a young and geographically transversal audience. Like the one gathered in the Young Collectors Club, «a club open to collectors up to 45 years of age that currently welcomes about eighty members and has among its objectives two-monthly meetings for members and the ambitious goal of stimulating and in some way training a new generation of collectors ». In the meantime, Masterpiece sales have gone well.


For the first time, the Leopardi family opened the most intimate spaces of the house to the public; the new tour runs through rooms that have been exclusively domestic to date.  The descendants of Giacomo Leopardi, now represented by Olimpia Leopardi, have decided to open the most intimate spaces of the Palazzo di Recanati to the public, where the poet was born and lived the first years of his life. “Our family has lived continuously within these walls since the 12th century. I have lived in it since I was born and, despite having traveled and resided in various places, this is the place I always return to. For me, Recanati is a fixed point, a place where time flows at a different, relative speed. Something that has not changed since Giacomo’s time and that we have all tried, is the desire to discover what we imagine is beyond the door of one’s home, and this curiosity has always led men to extraordinary impulses; the same impulses that the Poet experienced ”.


On the beach, the snack becomes smart. Gourmet proposals with quality ingredients, packaged with Atp technology. The first pilot project involves the activation of the service in favor of the bathing establishments and tourist structures of the Riviera Romagnola, in the stretch of coast between Ravenna and Riccione. A new service for lunch on the beach that simplifies the catering of the over 10,000 Italian bathing establishments. Elior, leader in catering in Italy, for this summer offers ready-made lidos, both in multi-portion and in sealed single-portion, for the managers to offer customers a quick, fresh and above all safe break, which can be comfortably consumed at the table or at the umbrella.


Support for the Black Lives Matter movement also comes from the art world. The main American artists, on social networks, took part in both the “blackout Tuesday” and used messages and works of art to support the demonstrators on the street. One is Nikkolas Smith who made the portrait of Floyd who invaded Instagram. But not only museums too, the Whitney Museum in New York has opened the ranks of activist museums by publishing the work of activist artist Dread Scott, a black flag bearing the words “A Man Was Lynched by Police Yesterday”.


An essential experience for teenagers, study holidays are a cornerstone of the summer for those looking for an authentic experience as well as wanting to learn a foreign language. The Covid-19 epidemic still going on in many countries of the world has undoubtedly cleared the cards: no lessons in UK colleges, nor weekend on the ocean for those who would have opted instead for a study stay with stars and stripes . 2020 will be the alternative of study holidays, between virtual lessons and interactive platforms, obviously in a foreign language.


The reopening of the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum will start from today with a reduced weekly usability: access will in fact be allowed only during the three days of Friday Saturday and Sunday, with the usual time. But the museum never stopped, and continued to work, planning appointments and activities both on site and remotely for visitors and members. Since the closing day, he has also proposed a series of video insights entitled “Maybe you didn’t know that” with the Conservator, as well as a package designed for families: the fairy tale The enchanted home to listen and watch and, every week , a new proposal for clipping, drawing and creativity. Engagement proposals are also being developed for schools and summer camps, to ensure continuity of the educational proposal for younger audiences.


On the occasion of the celebrations for the 74th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic, the National Acrobatic Patrol carried out a series of flyovers, touching all the Italian regions and symbolically embracing the whole nation, as a sign of unity, solidarity and recovery. Everything will end tomorrow, June 2, with the overflight of Rome on the occasion of the Republic Day which, this year, will not include the traditional parade at the Imperial Forums.


Excellent news on the reopening of some swimming pools in Milan from next week. After the reopening of the tennis courts, the swimming pools will also resume their activities, initially only for free swimming, waiting to also reactivate the courts. The plants will be gradually opened, to be sure of the utmost attention to safety and new requirements, testing the new protocols and new management methods to welcome all customers in the safest and most comfortable way possible. Among the novelties there will also be the possibility that some structures purchase online entrance tickets to avoid possible queues.