In this long period of domestic life we ​​can still take advantage of the culture that never hurts. In fact, the Vatican Museums, the MoMa in New York, the Pinacoteca di Brera and many others allow visitors to continue to discover them in a vital way. Every day from 17:00 on the Instagram profile here is a special initiative of the Palazzo dell’Arte of the Triennale di Milano a new format that invites illustrious personalities from entertainment and culture to live in the museum spaces, telling a series of stories starting from from the inspiration of Boccaccio’s Decameron of 1348.


For a week now, precautionary measures have been stepped up to combat covids19 which are surely blocking our beautiful country and also the rest of Europe. One of the sectors that is definitely undergoing these measures heavily is the restaurant sector. Waiting for better times, some starred restaurants have tried to alleviate this problem through delivery, therefore the possibility of having some proposals to choose from. How about?Basically a starry dinner, but at your house even on the weekend. It could also be an idea for this unusual Father’s Day!


Always to get out, at least for a few hours, from this surreal climate that all the big cities are experiencing, think big. This week think about luxury and in Milan think about via Montenapoleone, the 5-star shopping street, which the Milanese affectionately call via Montenapo, where there are the most prestigious brands and historical places in Milan. Come for a ride and stroll along the street as well as admiring the sparkling windows of the “dreams” of the next purchase, you can read the plaques displayed between the different buildings that recall the well-known faces that have lived here in history.


It is evident that there is a veiled melancholy walking through the streets of the city of Milan, in this second week of coronavirus. Suddenly we stopped talking about everything except the emergency which is less and less Chinese and more and more global in our national moment. A return almost to a rhythm and to a dimension to which we are no longer used and which, perhaps, in addition to making everyone think a little, makes us see and appreciate an unusual Milan. So enjoy a good coffee and take a nice walk through the streets of Milan admiring the city in this surreal atmosphere, and if you want something new pampered with shopping in complete relaxation without queues, don’t worry, live the city!


All the pubs in Milan will now be able to remain open even after 18.00, for the long-awaited aperitif. To avoid gatherings, the bar service will have to be managed only at the table by the staff and not directly at the counter. A good compromise in full respect of customer protection. The emergency situation that led Milan to ‘freeze’ seems to be resolving. We hope to return to enjoy all the best of the city soon.


From today until May 17th, the Diocesan Museum Carlo Maria Martini in collaboration with the Vatican Museums offers the exhibition “Gaugin, Matisse, Chagall. The Passion in French art from the Vatican Museums “. The exhibition brings together a precious nucleus of paintings, sculptures, engravings, from the Contemporary Art Collection of the Pope’s Museums. These are works by French artists, such as Paul Gauguin, Auguste Rodin, Maurice Denis, Georges Rouault, Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse and others focused on the themes “around” the Passion of Christ, in a path that allows to shed light on different aspects of the delicate relationship between modernity and tradition in art and in the Church, between the 19th and 20th centuries. According to Pope Montini, art is a place where expressing doubts, seeking truth, beauty and meaning, communicating knowledge and experimenting, without any distinction or foreclosure with respect to the faith and culture to which we belong.


In the evening, the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology celebrates its 67th birthday by offering free admission from 19 to 23. In an unusual atmosphere, guests can freely visit the permanent exhibitions, including Leonardo’s New Galleries, participate in interactive seminars such as Tinkering, Leonardo, Food, Genetics and Biotechnology. The evening will also be an opportunity to open to the public the Cybersecurity Co-Innovation Center that Cisco created for the first time in the spaces of the Museum. The proposal also provides insights with Italian and international experts including the meeting with James Beacham or the one with Alfio Quarteroni. Finally, there will be artistic performances, such as that of the pianist Giusy Caruso, live music starting at 9.00 pm with the jazz quintet Cosimo and the Hot Coals.


If it had not been for Geoffrey Chaucer, today on Valentine’s Day, he would have remained a saint of ancient history and legendary outlines like many of his colleagues. But if for some decades every February 14 we are all hearts and romance is the merit of the English poet, who in 1382 mentioned “Valentine’s Day, when every bird finds its mate”, celebrating the love between King Richard II and Anna of Bohemia. Between medieval England and the frenetic exchange of heart-shaped objects there is a historic bridge that enhances love as the engine of consumption. Chocolate is the star of this festival. Among the variants, the spiced chocolates with forays by Guido Castagna in Turin, the pisco tartufini and the pralines with exotic fruits of Grué in Rome, the iconic trunk of Gay-Odin, historic Neapolitan address, up to the “stick heart” of the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto of Modica. Excellent Italian creations to show love.


Fondazione Prada presents a personal exhibition of the Chinese painter Liu Ye curated by Udo Kittelmann. Inaugurated for the first time at Prada Rong Zhai in Shanghai in 2018, the project continues in Milan and includes a selection of 35 paintings made starting from 1992. The exhibition will be open until September 28, 2020. Liu’s intimate and sensual imagination Ye finds its multiple sources of inspiration in literature, art history and popular culture of the western and eastern world. The artist tells atmospheres that evoke introspection, purity and suspension. In his works, fairy tale and irony coexist, crossed by a parodic vein. Liu Ye stressed that “each work is my self-portrait”.


The 25th edition of the Milan Tattoo Convention will be held from tomorrow to February 9, 2020. In the spaces of FieraMilano City, five hundred artists will gather to represent all tattoo styles. Milano Tattoo Convention represents one of the most important appointments of international tattoo art. In addition to the tattoo artists there will be music, shows and the inevitable tattoo contest that will award the best works in various categories. The real stars of the Milano Tattoo Convention will always be tattoo artists, all big names in the world of tattoo. SNT will also be present, the only European tattoo artist to be part of the World Wide Letter Gang. He has tattooed the most popular rappers of the moment including the Dark Polo Gang, I Gemitaiz, Gue Pequeno and the hands of Alessio Sakara and Emis Killa. There will be Amanda Toy, famous for her playful and colorful tattoos, with a unique style. The dolls with languid eyes, matryoshkas, unicorns and fairy rainbows are part of its unmistakable iconography. Roberto Borsi was also present, one of the few Italian tattoo artists to tattoo with the Tebori technique. Among the international guests: Haewall, Korean famous for his oriental style full body that alternate color and black and white; the Polish Ad Pancho with a unique colored style, famous for its color saturation; Chenjie NewTatto, for the first time in Europe, the most famous Chinese tattoo artist known for her modern style.