The lockdown has helped to initiate a series of reflections on the management of private and domestic spaces, and in many cases it has led to real revolutions, with retractable furniture, screens and functional furnishings such as the redefinition of the spaces of bench-hangers. In the entrances to welcome, to show and hide what is too private to be exposed to external eyes and in some cases, to leave room for the sanitation procedures that we have had to introduce also in our private life.

A&F 2021

Fashion Week has ended and Arts & Fashion is back again this year. Outfits of emerging stylists and new brands from the world of fashion, exclusively Made in Italy, photographed by great professionals in prestigious and unique locations in the Lombardy region. The shooting will start next week to end in November, and as always will also see faces from the area that will become co-protagonists of the days.


Events related to wine find their spaces in the calendar despite the “virus”, and they do so by focusing on digital. Thus began the Milan Wine Week, which, which began on the weekend will last until 11 October in various locations in the city. A series of events, but also workshops, accessible remotely, designed for buyers stuck in their countries. Next important event in November in Verona, the Wine2Wine Exhibition & Forum, all conceived to react to an extraordinary situation by launching a strong signal on the international market for our Italian product.


Another important sign of recovery for Milan are the Fashion Week shows which ended today. It was the first “physical” event that showcased Milanese fashion after the lockdown, a set of events that were expressed live, but which also had an unprecedented online transposition. An original and unresolved Fashion Week, not only from an aesthetic and technical point of view, but an event that offered a broad interpretation of the challenges that, not just fashion, must and will have to face.


It seems that the well-being of Italian consumers takes the environment more and more into account. In fact, salons offering natural treatments are increasing in the face of a growing demand for organic, cruelty free and in some cases even vegan treatments. In one year this type of offer has increased by 19 percent. To make its way among the preferences of consumers is increasingly agricultural cosmetics with products that are made with natural ingredients and with attention to the environment even in the packaging.


The summer now consumed has seen several anniversaries in the hotel sector, but the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, an emblem of exclusivity and glamor in the heart of the French Riviera this summer celebrated its 150th anniversary in a renewed guise. It is located halfway between Marseille and the Italian border on the coast of the Riviera clearly identifiable by the pink plaster, a myth for style holidays. Always frequented, even recently, by famous people including Ernst Hemingway, Rodolfo Valentino, Picasso and many others. The architect Patricia Anastassiadis to celebrate the anniversary  has rethought some emblematic spaces finding a dialogue between past and present. Fascinating and exclusive to see.


The “Gastronomic September” will be in Parma until 27 September, a month of culture of good food, insights and initiatives related to the promotion of the excellence of the territory. The Gastronomic September 2020 focuses on the appeal of the gastronomic excellences of the Food Valley as a lever of territorial marketing: the trait d’union will be the culture of food, exemplified by the PDO Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano, pasta and tomato supply chains, milk and anchovies . But not only! A dinner show with the opera director Gianmaria Aliverta and musical events in collaboration with the Teatro Regio di Parma are also scheduled.
The ho.re.ca operators will be the storyteller in the kitchen. from Parma, starting from the 30 restaurateurs of the Parma Quality Restaurants circuit.


Today is the last day of August, and summer is almost upon us, the Italian cities have been emptied as always. But this year many have spent the summer in an urban dimension or only with short-haul holidays, perhaps a choice due to the consequences of Covid. However staying in the city was not so bad with aperitifs organized on the terraces of important Milanese hotels and picnics among the skyscrapers of City Life spectacularly organized by Peck. In short let’s face it, it was a good summer for everyone.


It is the perfect season to enjoy an ice cream: by the sea, in the mountains, in the city. Even at home. In its multiplicity of flavors, ice cream that not only represents one of the excellence of Made in Italy, but sees the first consumers in the world in Italians. During the lockdown, however, ice cream reinvented itself as a pleasure to be enjoyed even at home, recording positive results precisely in delivery. From the start of the lockdown to today, Deliveroo has recorded an increase in the number of orders of around 58%, an increase that rises to over 100% when compared with the same period of last year.


Transit places but far from being the “non-places” of Marc Augé, Italian railway stations are recognized all over the world. Starting from Milan Central Station, with its fascist-style building contaminated with contemporary elements, thanks to a renovation dating back to 2000, in Bologna Centrale known for the attack which marks the 40th anniversary of August 2nd. In the middle, the most modern and avant-garde railway stations such as Reggio Emilia Av Mediopadana and Naples Afragola, born at the time of high speed and signed by archistar. Also worth mentioning are the “historical” ones such as the Central Station of Palermo, designed at the end of the nineteenth century.