With two famous tales of the Russian folk tradition, once again the Fairy Tales at the Museum, review of the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum dedicated to children and now in its fifteenth edition. Appointments developed in collaboration with BezoarT, on December 14 and 21, where enchanted stories and intrepid characters guide young listeners in distant and timeless landscapes. The extraordinary novelty of this is the soundtrack created specifically for the three shows: Michele Fabbri, also from the BezoarT company, will accompany the story with violin, flute, guitar, voice and percussion.

For the 2019 edition, the BezoarT company has chosen two famous tales of the Russian popular tradition: brave girls, enchanted birds and terrible witches transform the atmosphere of the three afternoons at the Museum, adults and children in the magical world of trust. Two paths of initiation and growth that immerse the public in the magical world of fairy tales, between impenetrable woods and wonderful cities with golden domes. On December 21, the story of Finst, the shining hawk becomes the protagonist in the great hall of honor, to give way to La bella Vassilissa on December 14.