If it had not been for Geoffrey Chaucer, today on Valentine’s Day, he would have remained a saint of ancient history and legendary outlines like many of his colleagues. But if for some decades every February 14 we are all hearts and romance is the merit of the English poet, who in 1382 mentioned “Valentine’s Day, when every bird finds its mate”, celebrating the love between King Richard II and Anna of Bohemia. Between medieval England and the frenetic exchange of heart-shaped objects there is a historic bridge that enhances love as the engine of consumption. Chocolate is the star of this festival. Among the variants, the spiced chocolates with forays by Guido Castagna in Turin, the pisco tartufini and the pralines with exotic fruits of GruĂ© in Rome, the iconic trunk of Gay-Odin, historic Neapolitan address, up to the “stick heart” of the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto of Modica. Excellent Italian creations to show love.