Four hundred kg, 189,000 bricks and 830 hours of work: these are the numbers that gave life to the iconic Fiat 500 F Legend represented by 960 Lego pieces, in collaboration with FCA, which from Turin have represented it in full size, on the occasion of the new Lego Creator Expert Fiat 500 set. This construction, based on the Fiat 500 of the late 1960s, includes detailed interiors and a sunroof that can be opened to give the driver the opportunity to enjoy the Italian sun while sailing along the Amalfi Coast. A model equipped with everything needed to face a trip to Europe. “It is a source of great pride for us that Lego has chosen the Fiat 500,” said Cristiano Fiorio of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. “We know that the Lego group focuses solely on iconic products and we know that the Fiat 500 is: it has marked the history of the car, and has never been exclusively a car. It has an artistic and cultural value that Lego helps to consolidate “.