Warm, sumptuous and enveloping; on the palate it is structured, medium acid, soft and fruity and on the nose it is characterized by aromas of red fruit and berries, accompanied by a spicy background … all this is the very ancient Primitivo di Manduria, a wine that arrived in Puglia between 1600 and 1700, in the provinces of Taranto. The origin of its name? Among the many vines that were used to grow in the vineyards, there was one that reached maturity before the others and gave a particularly black, sweet and tasty grape that could be harvested in August. At the beginning, at that time, it was called zagarese, but then, for these reasons, it was called “primitive”. From here was born one of the most drinkable and pleasant wines, which goes perfectly with tasty meats, cooked perfectly roasted or grilled.