On Monday 20 January 2020, on the day of the centenary of his birth, Federico Fellini is remembered at the Palazzo Reale in Milan with the international conference, entitled “Let’s remember Federico Fellini”. An opportunity to celebrate the great director and pay him homage.

The exhibition at Palazzo Reale: “1920 – 2020 Federico Fellini. A story ”Palazzo Reale in Milan will be the protagonist of the celebrations also thanks to the great exhibition“ 1920 – 2020 Federico Fellini. A story ”, to be held from 17 September to 15 November 2020, the first that Milan dedicates to the director.

The exhibition, which will close the celebratory year, traces the life and work of the master through the exhibition of original materials, documents and objects – from drawings to caricatures to costumes, sketches, film scenes, sketches of his dreams in drawn notes – and at the same time he re-creates that world, “Fellini”, made of circuses and fairs and inhabited by puppets, clowns, disinherited and calves.