Selected guests at fashion shows, crowds on the Hollywood red carpet, photographers stationed outside the multiple locations, it’s now history. After the pandemic, all events in all corners of the globe have been canceled, with health restrictions to avoid contagions that scare many. All those who have lived through photographic events are unemployed, and with fashion shows now on digital platforms there is little to hope for a recovery in a short time. Camera pros, now replaced by virtual market bloggers. Photography has always been a way to tell emotions with images, today there are many influencers who work for this purpose, but with other concepts that once identified the art of “click”. From spectacular images that portrayed large expanses or details of crowded cities, we moved on to photographs now dedicated to dishes, which adorn the tables, within the four walls in which each of us has been locked up for some time. The world has changed and with it all the work activities and the way of conceiving and carrying them out.